The Gadfly Column

This blog site aims to provide a forum for all visitors to this site to exchange views on matters involving public policy – the process of its formulation, the conflicting viewpoints and their resolution to finally arrive at a consensus. As you would have noticed, the columns in this blog are published under the ‘Gadfly’ title. The Oxford Dictionary has defined the term ‘Gadfly’ in a manner that corresponds closest to the intention in this blog site. A GADFLY IS A PERSON WHO ANNOYS AND CRITICISES OTHERS IN ORDER TO PROVOKE THEM INTO ACTION. In these blogs, we certainly hope to provoke people by highlighting critical areas of public action that will contribute significantly to sustainable economic growth and development of large sections of the population. More than annoying people, we hope to awaken their thought processes and develop in them an urge to contribute to constructive change.

While blogs are invited from individuals who can stimulate discussion, this website administrator will also post blogs on relevant public policy issues from time to time. There is also another blog site where Gadfly expresses himself on matters of public importance ( The link to this site is at the top right hand corner of the web page. Readers are free to express their views either on the WordPress site or on this website. Responses, where deemed necessary and appropriate, will be sent. Six public policy blogs are provided on the webpage for easy access. If you wish to see other articles as well, please visit Gadfly’s wordpress site.

So, happy reading…..more importantly, get your thinking juices flowing…….